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The Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services Department inspects more than 4,000 food establishments in Austin, which are required to be inspected twice a year. A wide variety of food industries, such as restaurants, delicatessens, school cafeterias, grocery stores, retail meat markets, bakeries and bars, are inspected in the city. A score of 100 is given for establishments that do not receive a violation from inspection. Businesses that score below a 70 are required to bring their score up, in accordance with the Texas Food Establishment Rules. If they fail to bring their score up after re-inspection, compliance actions are taken against the business.

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Between 2015 and 2017, 20,486 restaurants were inspected. During this time, the lowest scoring restaurant was Ichiban, located on 7310 Burnet Road, which received a score of 36 on October 23, 2015. Three days later, on October 26, 2015, they raised their score to 86. The second lowest score was a tie between two restaurants that received inspection scores of 45. Crawfish Shack and Oyster Bar, 2013 West Wells Branch Parkway, scored this rating on June 16, 2016, but raised their score to 74 about a month later. Polvo's Restaurant & Bar, 2004 South 1st Street, scored this rating on December 23, 2015, but also raised their score to 78 about a month later.

While 282 businesses scored below a 70, there were 2,494 businesses that received perfect scores of 100 for their inspections from 2015 and 2017. View the charts below to see the breakdown of the number of low ranking and high ranking businesses by score range from 2015 to 2017.

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Low Ranking Restaurants in 2017 (score 70 or below)

Curious to see what restaurants have scored below a 70 this year? Find your zipcode to view restaurants in that area and see their score. If you don't see your zipcode listed, it's good news! That means your zipcode's businesses scored above a 70.

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View the full history of all businesses inspected from 2015 to 2017. See what date they were inspected and what their scores were on those dates.

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